February 28, 2019

The Future of Manufacturing at Hannover Messe

PORTO, PORTUGAL, February 28, 2019 – Critical Manufacturing is helping high-tech manufacturing companies optimize efficiency, enhance quality, reduce costs and make their businesses more agile with its ground-breaking Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It will be showcasing the enormous capability of this modern, Industry 4.0 ready, modular system at this year’s Hannover Messe from 1st to 5th April.

Critical Manufacturing MES has been designed for complex discrete industries including electronics, semiconductor and medical devices. Based on de-centralized logic, it enables the move to dynamic production models, where smart products and materials negotiate with intelligent machines to find the most efficient and economical route through the shop floor. The MES uses a breakthrough equipment integration and automation module, “Connect IoT” which simplifies the integration of all devices, equipment and the Internet of Things (IoT) and dramatically reduces the time and cost needed for companies to reap the tremendous benefits of smart technologies and Industry 4.0 manufacturing models.

The mission of Connect IoT is to dramatically reduce the time and effort to implement equipment or IoT integration. It reaches across all types of devices to create the Industry 4.0 decentralized autonomous shop floor marketplace. It’s a lightweight, low footprint solution to connect older, legacy equipment or new devices, any protocol.

Beyond that, Connect IoT has a single graphical view of all automation workflows. Engineers can create and update complex logic with no code required in an intuitive fashion. The system also allows visual debugging without external simulators. Once the power user develops a workflow, it’s reusable

The Connect IoT module is an exciting piece of forward-looking engineering. It enables easy integration of new and legacy equipment and devices to create a distributed, de-centralized architecture on which to build an autonomous production network using a drag-and-drop logic interface. Accommodating new and older technology, it provides a clear, straightforward pathway for companies to move towards Industry 4.0 at a pace that suits their business strategy. The module is intelligent, automatically abstracting workflow elements with specific drivers, and requires no coding to set up.

The Critical Manufacturing MES also incorporates digital twin technology to provide clear plant visualization, including detailed information on equipment, product and process key performance indicators (KPIs). At an execution level, this digital twin helps better utilize the huge amounts of data available from a smart shop floor to help increase operating efficiency and maximize the potential of assets.

The MES enables the easy creation of 3D models of the shop floor and can deliver further benefits to users through its virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) capability.

For manufacturers of sophisticated and complex product lines, there are enormous benefits in the move to Industry 4.0 technology. The Critical Manufacturing MES has been specifically designed to embrace the IoT, distributed intelligence and vertical integration of services required for a robust, highly efficient smart factory. At this exciting time in industrial history, the Critical Manufacturing MES provides the backbone needed to create a truly smart factory and a pathway for companies to reach new levels of efficiency and innovation that will keep their business strong and competitive into the future.

Critical Manufacturing will be exhibiting at Hannover Messe from 1st-5th April 2019 at hall 7, stand 13, where experts will be on hand to discuss how this MES revolutionizes production capability. Visit criticalmanufacturing.avitamina.pt to schedule a meeting with Critical Manufacturing experts at the event.

About Critical Manufacturing

Critical Manufacturing provides the most modern, flexible and configurable manufacturing execution system (MES) available. Critical Manufacturing MES helps manufacturers stay ahead of stringent product traceability and compliance requirements; reduce risk with inherent closed-loop quality; integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems and factory automation, and provide deep intelligence and visibility of global production operations.

As a result, our customers are Industry 4.0 ready. They can compete effectively and profitably by easily adapting their operations to changes in demand, opportunity or requirements, anywhere, at any time.

For more information, visit criticalmanufacturing.avitamina.pt

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