March 11, 2015

HT Micron implemented Critical Manufacturing’s MES in record time

PORTO, Portugal, March 10, 2015 – HT Micron, Brazil’s local provider of semiconductor solutions, selected Critical Manufacturing for implementation of cmNavigo MES in its new headquarter in São Leopoldo, Brazil. The new facility, with the largest cleanroom south of the equator at 7,500 m², gained an integrated system for management of production operations and effective automated information flows to ensure faster response time, higher quality via enforced routings, and reporting from the system without manual Excel data entry.

“To be competitive, we must supply the whole Brazilian market, both local companies and companies such as Dell, HP and Lenovo who qualify your quality system, quality process (which can have 500+ questions) and then spend four to six weeks testing the product itself. For that, MES is required”, said Scott Van Etten, Plant Manager for HT Micron. “We believe Critical Manufacturing has the best chance to succeed in meeting our goals. They were agile in implementation. Given our time constraints, their speed is hard to match.”

The MES was a prerequisite for HT Micron due to the first major customer audit in mid-January 2015. After thorough analysis Critical Manufacturing was selected from among three MES competitors, all of whom had strong credentials in semiconductor packaging plants. The key deciding factors were implementation speed, ease of configuration, vendor’s ability to support a facility in Brazil, and long-term likelihood of keeping the system light and clean.

The project team worked with Critical Manufacturing to implement during October and November 2014. By using core functions (model with traceability, enforced routings, SPC) out of the box with minor customization, the new plant succeeded to run test lots and train new employees in December. At their January 19 audit a major global PC maker concluded that cmNavigo MES would provide everything HT Micron needed to supply to them.

The project will continue with expanding the team’s know-how with cmNavigo MES and in phase 2 HT Micron plans to add automation, maintenance and other modern MES functions to build a comprehensive modern system.


HT Micron is a Brazilian company founded in 2009 and focused on providing local semiconductor solutions for Brazil. HT Micron inaugurated in July 2011 the Basecamp with a clean room with 1.000m², initiating semiconductor packaging and testing in Brazil. The approximately 10,000 m² headquarters building was inaugurated in June 2014, expanding the productive capacity as well as the possibility of producing the world’s most advanced technologies, such as: Stacking, Hybrid, SIP/3D among others, be used in various products.


Critical Manufacturing provides innovative software technology and advanced services that empower operations for some of the most advanced manufacturers worldwide. Its new generation Manufacturing Execution System (MES) cmNavigo, built end-to-end on proven Microsoft layers, provides unified flexibility for modeling complex industry requirements, increasing manufacturers’ performance, control and quality. The company is part of the Critical Group, a private group of companies founded in 1998 to provide solutions for mission and business critical information systems.