September 3, 2015

Critical Manufacturing offers MES Migration Strategies White Paper

PORTO, Portugal, September 03, 2015 – The MES system is the heart of the manufacturing operation and interacts with a number of other systems to support the manufacturing line in a fab. Today, many organizations still use custom production applications that are 10+ years old. These legacy applications may be facing system end of life, high cost of technology, and inadequate information flow.

Companies with older generations MES are now facing a looming question whether to update or replace these custom solutions with commercially available MES software. Critical Manufacturing has released a white paper addressing the challenges for the global manufacturers that consider migration to a modern Manufacturing Execution System.

The context conditions will help to set the path for adapting one of the three main techniques, Big Bang, Phased Introduction or Parallel Systems. When selecting the right strategy for changing the MES, manufacturers must take into consideration level of interdependencies, automation and downtown impact which determine the critical factors of that decision: time, cost, and risk.

Manufacturers refrain from changing their MES systems because it is truly a difficult, time consuming, expensive and risky endeavor. But if not done, it will slowly make the business less and less efficient, slow moving, expensive, until it is too late,” says Francisco Almada-Lobo, CEO for Critical Manufacturing. ”The success of such project requires a product which facilitates the migration while enabling future evolution, a team with migration experience and the right strategy. We hope this paper will help manufacturers evaluate the business and operational drivers for MES replacement.

Details on the MES migration strategies and migration planning are available now in a new paper from Critical Manufacturing, titled “MES Migration Strategies” available at:


Critical Manufacturing provides innovative software technology and advanced services that empower operations for some of the most advanced manufacturers worldwide. Its new generation Manufacturing Execution System (MES) cmNavigo, built end-to-end on proven Microsoft layers, provides unified flexibility for modeling complex industry requirements, increasing manufacturers’ performance, control and quality. The company is part of the Critical Group, a private group of companies founded in 1998 to provide solutions for mission and business critical information systems.