February 28, 2018

Critical Manufacturing MES Recognized in Gartner Report for its Ability to Address High-Tech Production Challenges

LONDON, UK, February 28, 2018 – Critical Manufacturing (CM) has been recognized as a notable vendor for its Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) in the Gartner report for Industrial and High-Tech/Electronics Manufacturing. The context is specifically related to the ‘Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems’. CM is a leading, global supplier dedicated to providing intelligent MES for manufacturers of high tech discrete products to improve productivity, efficiency and quality.

The Gartner report states that notable vendors, “have customers that are successfully using their products and services. Selections are based on analyst opinion and references that validate IT provider claims”. CM is reported for its capabilities to address the production challenges of complex manufacturers in High-Tech industries, particularly for its experience across semiconductor, medical device, high-tech electronics/PCB and automotive. The report goes on to detail the CM MES as “focused on the convergence of intelligence, operations and automation technologies as enablers for Industrie 4.0.”

Chris Parsons, Vice President for Global Marketing at CM, said, “CM is a forward-looking business that is helping its customers to embrace a new era of manufacturing intelligence based on the Industry 4.0 model. We help to deliver a user-friendly, strategic pathway that fits specific customer needs today, as well as scalability, flexibility and extensibility to meet their needs in the future.”

CM MES offers the most comprehensive modular MES solution available, including advanced intelligence, real-time 3D plant visualization, scheduling, closed-loop quality management, OEE and an equipment and automation integration layer that is optimized for the latest Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and one click workflow deployment. CM MES also supports its MES on any mobile device, allowing customers to configure their own operator interfaces. CM’s MES meets the requirements of even the most complex manufacturing scenarios and enables customers to easily design and deploy a system that truly meets their needs, with reduced implementation costs.

The Gartner report recommends assessment criteria for MES to include relevant industry experience, industry-specific functionality, supplier collaboration, financial viability and evidence of innovation. It states that, “Manufacturing is evolving rapidly, given the advances in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud-enablement and government/industry initiatives such as Industry 4.0. Successful niche vendors will keep up with these broader advances.”

Parsons went on to comment, “CM’s latest product is revolutionizing the way we think about MES. Our solutions give customers the freedom to embrace modern technology and make it work for them. There is increasing demand for low volume, high mix production and we help our customers to drive down production costs, and be truly innovative in the way they bring their products to market and how they manufacture them, while future-proofing their business against constant change.”

CM MES is specifically designed for Smart Manufacturing with connectivity to the latest protocols for equipment and devices, supporting IIoT enabled products and production systems. It supports increasingly distributed intelligence within the smart plant, location sensing, mobile and advanced analytics; opening many new ways to dramatically increase production and operator efficiency and raise quality levels.

About Critical Manufacturing

As the manufacturing sector becomes more global and outsourced, companies face increasing challenges to compete effectively and profitably. They must innovate quickly to be first to market but at the same time maintain the highest quality, at the lowest cost, to meet more demanding customer requirements.

Critical Manufacturing provides the most modern, flexible and configurable MOM solution available to help manufacturers stay ahead of stringent product traceability and compliance measures; reduce risk with inherent closed-loop quality; integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems and factory automation; and provide deep intelligence and visibility of global production operations.

As a result, our customers are Industry 4.0 ready, enabling them to easily adapt to changes in demand, anywhere, at any time.

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