November 23, 2021

B. Braun selects Critical Manufacturing MES as the global standard for Discrete Manufacturing

PORTO, Portugal – 23 November 2021 – B. Braun, a leading global provider and manufacturer of healthcare solutions, has selected Critical Manufacturing’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) as a new standard for discrete manufacturing sites worldwide. The decision, which is part of B. Braun’s Smart Manufacturing initiative, followed a successful international selection project along with the implementation in several production areas at B. Braun’s site in Malaysia. The system will serve as a global template for future MES rollouts in discrete manufacturing sites worldwide.

Michael Kaiser, Program Manager of Smart Manufacturing at B. Braun, said “We selected the Critical Manufacturing MES for its superior functionality, user-friendliness, extensibility, and proven capabilities. During our analysis process, we looked closely at the abilities and the general design of the software, and it excelled in many of our requirements. Using the Critical Manufacturing MES, we will accelerate the digitalization of our discrete production sites and the standardization and optimization of the implemented production processes.”

B. Braun will build an MES template to share best practices across divisions and geographies, with the ability to configure different elements to meet the needs of individual sites. This approach provides B. Braun with a highly flexible solution on a common platform, which will streamline the rollout and simplify future operation and maintenance.

Critical Manufacturing MES is designed to work with legacy and smart devices and will integrate with diverse systems and equipment across B. Braun manufacturing sites. It will collect, contextualize and analyse data from the complete manufacturing process, providing full traceability and real-time visibility of production activities. This will provide a new level of transparency and control of products and processes supporting quality assurance and compliance. The system will give B. Braun ready access to shopfloor KPIs, such as process and equipment efficiency, throughput, and available capacity, all of which are essential to optimize production processes.

Kaiser concluded, “The Critical Manufacturing MES will be a key element in the implementation of manufacturing digitalization and continuous improvement. It will provide us with new levels of transparency and by doing so enable us to systematically increase efficiency and improve process and product quality. All of this is essential to protect and improve the health of people around the world.”


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