Technology has opened the possibilities of a new revolution in manufacturing to reinvigorate the value chain and achieve unprecedented operations results.


Technology has opened the possibilities of a new revolution in manufacturing to reinvigorate the value chain and achieve unprecedented operations results.

Technology experts

Our domain knowledge is leveraged by our technical proficiency. Whether in our own built solutions, or in customer specific projects, Critical Manufacturing is on the leading edge of technology, creating significant value-added for our customers.
The company has certified professionals in different technologies, platforms and programming languages, such as Microsoft.

Operating Systems
  • Among others, Critical has been working with the following Operating Systems, with focus on performance, multi-threading and real-time applications:

    Windows, Linux (RedHat, SuSE, GNU), Sun OS, HP-UX, VMS

Database Technologies
  • In the database area, Critical Manufacturing has a vast knowledge and experience with distinct relational database management systems as well as non-normalized data analytics engines, with special focus on performance and optimization, replication mechanisms, ETL based on COTS or self-made for specific requirements, data warehouse implementations, OLAP and data mining:

    Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PL-SQL, T-SQL, Elastic Search, REDIS, OData

Programming Languages
  • With centuries of accumulated experience in a multitude of programming languages and associated technologies, we’re currently proficient in a large portfolio which includes the following examples:

    Programming Languages: Java, JDK, J2EE, Java Beans, C, C++, MS VC++, Pro*C, C#, .Net Framework, .Net core, VB.Net, Python, PERL, XML, TCL, and scripting languages (e.g. Bash, Windows PowerShell)

    Web related: Asp, (C#), VBScript, JScript, PHP, JSP, Silverlight, Angular, NodeJS, HTML5, CCS3, Knockout.js

Message and Middleware
  • Critical Manufacturing’s experience in messaging and middleware is quite intense and unique, gathered with continuous experience in multiple environments along with the development of the latest Data Platform release. Strong focus on the following technologies:

    TIBCO RV, MSMQ, IBM MQ-Series, Oracle Advanced Queues, CORBA, Web Services, Windows Communication Foundation, PassportJS, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka

Cloud and Containerization
  • Solid and continually growing experience in cloud and container stack technology, providing high reliability and efficiency with consistent and low-latency deployment. Focus on specific technologies, including but not limited to:

    Docker Swarm clusters, Docker Compose and GlusterFS

  • Top-level encryption, together with seamless authentication and authorization protocols are essential to the proper secure operations of a modern company and Critical Manufacturing possesses vast experience on several security protocols and strategies:

    Azure Active Directory, OAuth2, OpenID Connect

Other Specific Technologies
  • There are several other relevant specific technologies which Critical Manufacturing has experience in, including also the ones that enable Continuous Integration and Continuous Development environments:

    Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, Microsoft Enterprise Library, Windows Management Instrumentation, Entity Framework, Microsoft Unity, Windows Forms, nHibernate, BizTalk

    CI/CD: Azure DevOps, Jenkins, NuGets, Vagrant, Containers

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