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See the most advanced Semiconductor MES at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024

Visit Critical Manufacturing at Intel / Red Hat booth and see how Critical Manufacturing MES is modern, configurable and ready to help manufacturers to:

– Increase speed of learning
– Innovate new technologies faster
– Achieve higher levels of automation, while driving down costs.

MITEC Kuala Lumpur, 28-30 May

Level 2, Red Hat/ Intel Booth # 3216

Factory Futures – Digital Manufacturing, Open Source & Autonomous Factories

Interactive workshop

Red Hat’s Chief Architect Andreas Spanner will lead you through a hands-on workshop while Matt Fistler, CTO of Intel’s Manufacturing CoE will unveil Intel’s latest autonomous factories’ technology. Attendees will gain valuable insights into harnessing the power of data, machine learning, and open source to optimize factory operations.


Dr. Arnaud Buisine
Red Hat
Andreas Spanner, Red Hat
Andreas Spanner
Red Hat
Dr. Yoichi Matsumoto,
Red Hat
Matthew Fistler, Intel
Matthew Fistler

Participants will embark on a journey through technological advancement, discovering how open-source solutions empower manufacturers to embrace agility, scalability, and innovation. Through discussions, hands-on exercises, and presentations, attendees will explore the pivotal role of open-source technologies in driving efficiency, sustainability, and resilience in manufacturing operations.

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Tuesday, 28th May 2024
1:00 PM – 4:30 PM MYT