Go further with your MES machine data

Get the value you expect from your IoT machine data—faster and easier than ever before—with the Resource Monitor from Critical Manufacturing. Screen equipment performance, track resource usage, see equipment telemetry data with context from MES, and make informed decisions quickly.  All powered by the native integration with the Critical Manufacturing MES Data Platform.

Resource Monitor is an effective tool for factory managers and equipment operators who want to optimize their production process and reduce downtime while also promoting sustainable resource usage.

Analyze resources performance metrics by plant, area, and individual machine

View performance instantly

Define your key performance indicators (KPIs) and have a quick overview of the underperforming areas using the maintenance and efficiency KPI analysis tools. Drill-down features also deliver deeper understanding of your data over time.

Make faster and better decisions

Identify key challenges, performance improvements, and potential cost-saving opportunities. Lightning-fast and very intuitive dashboards will show you operational equipment effectiveness (OEE), availability, quality, mean time between failure (MTBF) among other machine related KPIs, empowering you to make informed decisions faster and efficiently.

Avoid unexpected downtimes

When you have a large number of machines, keeping everything up and running is challenging. With real-time analysis of machine KPIs and telemetry monitoring, you can proactively optimize your production processes keep on-time delivery levels high by preventing line stoppages. Resource Monitor seamlessly collects and analyzes data from your MES and IoT-enabled equipment, providing a comprehensive view of your equipment state in real-time and allowing multi-site comparison.

Make shift hand-over easier

Information transfer between teams/shifts becomes easier, faster, and more effective. When starting the shift, operators and team leaders have immediate access to both real-time equipment status and history, when needed for each piece of equipment.

Get real-time alarms for machine issues

If your machine triggers any alarm, Resource Monitor will immediately inform you with alarm history information to make better decisions, now and in the future.

Enjoy enhanced user experience

Deliver seamless operation and reduce resistance to change with a modern, easy-to-understand user interface (UI), designed for clear navigation and user-friendly experience.

Why Resource Monitor?

  • Extend your MES analytics capabilities
  • Gain organized visibility of all your equipment data to make fast and right decisions
  • Increase productivity for all your equipment, line and manufacturing facility

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