For the first time, 13 institutes from the two research organizations, Fraunhofer and Leibniz, are combining their expertise under one virtual umbrella. With more than 2,000 scientists, the FMD is one the world’s largest R&D network in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics.

To accelerate the progress, FMD has embarked on FMD-Digital to unify onto a single MES. As research institutes, many aspects are different in the FMD fabs than in typical semiconductor production fabs.

Critical Manufacturing MES, allowing configuration of the system to meet the needs of each fab and covering the critical advanced scenarios, is delivering a wide array of benefits. Cooperation and accelerated learning among the institutes is one major win.

Download this case study to learn about the selection and implementation of the modern MES at the FMD:

FMD-Digital – Modernizing Microelectronics
Atypical Needs of FMD Research Institutes
Evaluating MES-Automation Vendors
Pilot Implementation, and Rolling Out the MES
Benefits of Modern MES
Keys to Success and Recommendations

Download Case Study

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