Raise your expectations with Critical Manufacturing MES V10

Expectations matter, and with Critical Manufacturing V10, our customers can expect to take their manufacturing operations to the next level. V10 includes a robust set of features designed to assist manufacturers in generating new business, streamlining team workflows, preventing errors, and reporting issues with new products and processes.


What to expect from Critical Manufacturing MES V10

With real-time views of operations, instant, clear guidance to every operator or technician, and the ability to easily manage varied products, V10 provides complete data and insights for decision-making to improve productivity and reduce errors.

With Critical Manufacturing MES V10 you can expect:

Win more business

Impress the auditor with simplified dashboards and real-time views of manufacturing operations.

With the new BOM variants simplify BOM maintenance and transmission to floor, automatically applying variations specific to the order.

Raise service levels

Plan more efficiently with the new adaptive scheduling that automates schedule regeneration based on user configuration. It enables manufacturing to be planned using production orders instead of materials.

Increase employee engagement

Provide your teams instant and clear guidance with a chatbot that retrieves information at any time with the GUI using voice recognition.

Color weakness mode is available to increase accessibility for workers needing accommodation for color vision.

Improve quality and cost

Reduce reaction time to issues making the most of the alarm notification center with automated notification of events.

Provide better workforce training support: trainer signatures are required when checking-in as a resource, with trainer activity logged, until workers are certified.

Explore all capabilities of V10 for your industry

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Critical Manufacturing MES for Electronics

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Critical Manufacturing MES for Semiconductor

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Critical Manufacturing MES for Medical Devices

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Critical Manufacturing MES for Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

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