Master multisite MES implementations

By João Cortez, Co-Founder and Product Manager at Critical Manufacturing

The implementation of a manufacturing execution system (MES) offers unquestionable benefits to manufacturing enterprises, although with some complexity and coordination demands across various organizational levels. For corporations operating in multiple locations, executing MES projects independently at each site can be both costly and inefficient. It is in this context that the concept of MES centers of excellence (CoE) emerges as vital for streamlined, effective MES deployments across multiple sites.

In this white paper you will read more about:

The rationale for establishing an MES CoE
The degree of standardization MES CoE brings
The benefits that an MES CoE means to the entire corporation
The return of investment (ROI) manufacturers can experience by having an MES CoE
How to remain agile and responsive to ever changing requirements and business conditions

You can expect to scale easier and faster, achieve cost reduction, enhance return on investment, and foster innovation by establishing an MES center of excellence.

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