Recently, the leading technology market analysis firm ARC released a market report – “How Digital Transformation is Changing the Business Value of Connectivity to Machines” 

This report is very timely and provides critical information for manufacturers. This is very well explained in the introduction of the report as follows:  

Most manufacturers have been connecting their machines in some form for a generation. However, with the evolution of digital transformation in manufacturing, it’s critical to consider the benefits, drawbacks, costs, and value for providing new or enhanced connectivity to these machines today. ARC Advisory Group has surveyed and interviewed a number of experts who connect and utilize industrial machinery to gain their insights. The results may surprise you. 

Big ScoopThe SMT industry is not different from the rest of the manufacturing world!

I invite everyone to read this report because it contains a ton of information that will help manufacturers adjust their vision and strategies for connectivity. If you don’t have the time you should at least read the conclusions below:  

 “In today’s increasingly complex global competitive environment, real-time information is vital to help manufacturers at both the plant and enterprise levels make decisions that improve efficiency and effectiveness, bringing intelligence to their business. Leveraging this real-time information requires connectivity to all machines and assets, which also acts as the foundation of digital transformation. 

Digital transformation leverages IIoT, cloud computing, mobile devices, social networks, advanced search engines, and Big Data analytics to create the information-driven enterprise. However, many machines that have been connected for many years are not utilizing digital transformation technology. As a result, these machines are not being properly utilized to provide this abundance of big data and information, which combined with analytics can be used to provide artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.  

 Based on the ARC Advisory Group’s survey and interviews of experts who connect and utilize industrial machinery, ARC strongly recommends for manufacturers, system integrators, and machine builders to connect new and existing machines. Connectivity will enable individual plants and entire enterprises to maximize the business value of digital transformation. And as time and expense of implementing connectivity to machines are top concerns, ARC Advisory Group recommends that manufacturers, machine builders, system integrators, and suppliers to machine builders use a third-party solution to speed up implementation, which will lower the total cost and speed up the time-line of providing connectivity, avoiding in-house solutions in which the time and expense would be substantially greater. 

These conclusions are perfectly aligned with our vision at Cogiscan. For many years we have been working with leading machine and software vendors in the SMT industry, as well as with electronics manufacturers to enable machine connectivity, for both legacy and new machines. We have developed the most extensive library of machine interfaces to enable our customers to retrieve more quality data from their operations. We believe that we can do this better, faster and cheaper than other alternatives including internal development. But don’t take my word for it, contact us and put us to the challenge! 

You can download the complete ARC report by clicking here:
“How Digital Transformation is Changing the Business Value of Connectivity to Machines“