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Mariana Neves


Mariana Neves is a Business Developer Specialist for Critical Manufacturing. She’s not only a semiconductor geek but also a pop-culture addict. Eager to understand more about the industry part on the international theater and the consequences to our daily lives, Mariana is always on top of the latest news, with a strong presence on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Discrete manufacturing August 10, 2023
AI, IoT, and MES:  Exploring their Roles in the Future of Manufacturing

AI has always been a topic filled with concern and curiosity when it is discussed in manufacturing. Manufacturing leadersneed to look at AI pragmatically, focusing on its potential in current operations instead of concern over an AI takeover.

Young Woman in Clean Suit Working in Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment or Cleanroom
Semiconductor manufacturing July 7, 2022
Is AaS the New Frontier for the Semiconductor Industry? 

Understanding the role of the modern MES platform in helping Semiconductor manufacturers adapt to the AaS paradigm.

Wire Bonder Used for Attaching Silicon Chips and Electronic Devices to a PCB Printed Circuit Board
Semiconductor manufacturing March 10, 2022
Reimagining Semiconductor MES

Typically, semiconductor fabs have an array of IT applications covering WIP, track & trace, scheduling, maintenance, reporting and analytics. While this approach might have worked in the past, the high demand from the market subjected the industry to a great deal of pressure. Legacy MES needs to evolve from a traceability solution to a full-fledged platform supporting advanced scenarios in Semiconductor.